I have been tinkering with the website builder option of WordPress for quite some while now, and it seems I have finally been able to create one. Well honestly speaking, I don’t know what to do now as I have made it… But, I will just do the thing I like the most. Write. Write. Procrastinate. And write.

Well, as my ultimate plan for my website is out of the way, Hi everybody, My name is William Riverdale and no I was not thinking of Shakespeare when I wrote it. Honest. I write stories, essays, poems, and stupid things.Yep, that’s my one and only ability. Still, I am proud of it. Not many people can say that they are proud of writing stupid things. I guess I am an exception. Well, if you are thinking, I do other things other than writing. I eat, sleep-(readers glare) um I enjoy travelling to different places, listen to piano and harmonica music and basically enjoy video games. Yeah, I know, its not that impressive. Well, did I mention that I like chocolate? What, do you don’t care? …Fair enough.

Alright, to get things straight, to anyone who ever reads this, well you really don’t go away that easily do? And kind sir or lady, thank you for bearing with me. I hope I can deliver content which will be enjoyable to you. As a writer, having my readers enjoy what I create is the most satisfying feeling I can ever get.

Wow, this got emotional quite fast. Hehe, sorry. I don’t really talk this much in real life. Doesn’t mean I am not friendly, mind you. Well, this is it for now. I will be back soon. If you have any questions, be sure to write that in the comments. i will try to reply as good as possible.


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