“Anybody can cook, but only the fearless can become great.”

A common quote which you might have heard from Auguste Gusteau from the movie Ratatouille with a very great significance. This small saying can be applied to a lot of fields, and coincidentally, writing is one of them.

Anyone can write. All you need is to know a language and the words concerning it. Then, after that, all it takes is the working of the mind. But if everyone can, why is not everybody writing best-selling novels, self-help guides and heart-wrenching poems or laugh inducing limericks. Well, cause writing is difficult.

I do not mean the act of putting words to paper, I mean the act putting thoughts into words. You cannot write well if you cannot turn your thoughts into words, and without words, any literary work is crippled. For example, you want to write a story of a man going to a super market to buy groceries. Simple enough, is it not? Well, not as much as you can think. You have the clear outline of the story in your brain but do you always have access to the words which you will use to build the story in the first place? Most of us don’t. Many best-selling writers don’t. I, once, got stuck for four days because I could not describe how my character was looking at a glass window. It boggled my mind, my frustrations reaching to new peaks, as I tried to find a way to describe this seemingly plain activity. Then why, why was I having such a hard time scrawling simple words to describe it? Cause to me, it was not simple. It was art for me. It was putting life into my character, it was putting life into my words. Trying to transform my thought into words in the most beautiful way and so… it was difficult. And nobody will know.

The readers won’t ever know how much I toiled for that one sentences unless they get access to my first draft or if I point it out to them. And they should not cause they are here for the story not for ‘Writer Vs. Words’. Writing IS difficult. Either you may be an accomplished one, or a just-wrote-my-first-sentence starting one, you will know this sooner or later, why it is so. You may have different reasons why and you may be different persons, you may be a poet, a novelist, a biographer, a historian, a journalist, a critic (well, you do have to think of smart and witty negative remarks), you know how your art is like and it’s one of the reasons you love it.

It takes time, a lot of time, but it rewards when you finish it. So, people out there, who enjoy partaking in this craft, struggle and keep struggling. Don’t lose hope if you are stuck. If I get stuck I just start something else and come back to it later. And if still does not work, I start scolding it. The sheer stupidity of my action puts me in a greater mood… and my parents in a troubled one.  Basically, what I am saying is,

Never stop writing!


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