It was a common phenomenon to help people whenever they needed it. It was a beautiful relationship of feeling good about yourself and making others feel good. Helping someone cross the road, picking somebody’s things up, trying to show one direction how to get to a place, being ready to help a friend with and delivering said book if needed. But, things have changed. And kindness has changed…

It has changed in such a repulsive way. It is just common courtesy now. People are more strangers than ever. Now, nobody seems to be helping now. It is not all wrong. There are people who take advantage of one’s kindness. Who selfishly use one’s good deeds, trying to destroy their best quality: to be kind. The worse thing is that… it works.

You pick up somebody’s things up and you are given a glare or called a nuisance or thief. You try to help somebody get to a place and you are mistaken for a kidnapper or stalker. Nowadays, you have to think at least a fifty times before you ask somebody if the bundle on their back is too heavy for them? This is a sad time to be alive right now.

People are afraid to be kind. I am afraid to be kind. But still, I won’t stop trying just now. I know that this quality is worth than myself. There are some people who need genuine help, who need a real friend, a pal who will just be willing to give a hand first…



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