From centuries old and even more centuries back, the concept of God was quite profound. The existence of an all powerful being capable of omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence seems a great way to believe in something bigger than us, looking at us, protecting us from… us. But as our understanding of the nature of the universe increases so does our skepticism of the existence of such a being.

There are different theories of how life came to earth and how it is all due to nature. We have the Big Bang Theory, Darwinism, Kepler’s Planetary Motions, Newton’s Theory of Gravitation, Einstein’s Mass-Energy equivalence, a small handful of remarkable insights of how we look at the world in general. And citing these reasons, atheists give a reason to make claims on the idiocy of religions and their insufferable followers.

Well if that so, what is science? It is nature. What is nature? Nature is God. So if we apply a basic simple theorem provided by Euclid about if A is equal to B, B being equal to C, then A equals C, we get that Science is God or God is Science, whichever floats your boat. It is so simple, so elegant an explanation that God is a scientist. God is all-powerful because God understands nature completely. Still, we say, Christianity is the true religion, Hinduism is the true religion, Islam is the best, Buddhism… well, honestly speaking, Buddhists tend to not get in debates about the validity of their religion. And no, I am Hindu before you think I am being biased. I just find them friendly fellows.

Well, these debates are worse as cancer. How in the world are you going to win an argument based on an incredibly secret being who finds it interesting to create different religions? Now, the ones reading this (I really don’t have many readers… oh well) will say that humans created religions, they created multiple rifts among themselves, and yes that is absolutely true. But as the practitioners have said that each their religion is based on the sayings and teachings of God herself. And her because I have a theory on why God is a lady. So if we take that statement as true as the boredom suffered by you reading this then, God is cheeky!

She went first to one place and said I said ‘Let there be light and there was light’ and went to another and said I once was a single ocean of consciousness streaming in all directions, another place: I have no face, another place: I have multiple arms, another place: I am old, another place: I am young, another place: I also have a father myself, another place: everything came from me, and another and another, and another, and another until God had thousands and millions of followers in her midst, calling her Allah, Jehovah, and billions of named in Hinduism only. I have to give it to her that she is a creative person.

But now is the question why would God create this many religions? Cause she was bored? You know that may be the best answer of all. But she did not mean to do any harm. God is a scientist and she creates things and it depends on us how we use the knowledge we gained. According to me, God created religions in order to make the world a colorful place. People having different thoughts, different values, it would a great experience to her to see all the wonderful interactions of the people. …Well, we showed her how we did it. I don’t need to say anymore on this.

While our religion was supposed to be our guide, our gift, we made it our slave, our possession, corrupting it and adding to it to fulfill our own selfish desires. Rewriting an original testament, or a holy book, secretly putting truly horrifying rubbish like how God wanted his follower to murder people, to convert those who didn’t follow his religion, to have an adulterer stoned to death, and commit horrifying acts in the name of God. Twisting and turning every single sentence to fit their standard, God has been blasphemed by her own followers.

But it based on the fact that religion is based on God’s words. People may have already started this to further their agenda. God is a scientist, and is said to have created us in her own image. Even she has emotions. She is curious, she can get angry, be happy, be brooding and bored, and even lazy. We still have our useless appendix, God. the only difference is that she is wiser than us and has a patience, so divine literally, that we should be humbled.

So God if your are reading this, can you not let the sun come out at the exact time, I go for my driving classes. I have noticed a pattern here and I know you are trying to trick me. I know it. You must be laughing on the floor seeing this article. Well, just let me drive without having a sweat-bath. I hope you enjoyed reading this and as well as you reader. Yes, I am talking to you. Thank you. And Thank You, God. Love you truly.


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