Everybody wants to become big in life. Success is one of the main motivation for enjoying life. Basically, when we reach a certain checkpoint of our career or work, we deem it as a success. People associate different concepts while defining how much successful they have become. We can define success in two different categories albeit in a very rough and rigid sense. Therefore I have not considered sports success, cause I did not want it to look more, but look smart. Spare this indiscretion, dear readers!

Let us look at it, one by one.

The first one is Financial Success. In this type, the measure of the success a person has is defined by how much money and monetizable property he/she possesses. This is the most simplistic success yet is quite accepted all around. It is straight. If you have lots of money, you are successful, there are no ifs and buts, if no foul play is done while earning them. Nobody can deny your achievement, and one cannot criticize your money.

Moving on the second type of success is Artistic/Academic Success. Now for this kind of success, there is no hard and fast rule. I could have put these two apart in two sub categories, but they are similar enough to placed under a single one. Just for clearance, artistic refers to stories, paintings, music, poems, etc made with no direct connection to education and for enjoyment whereas academic refers to essays, reports, findings and discoveries (rediscoveries), thesis, etc for studies. For example, this post could be seen as an educational essay if I had submitted it to an institution but as I have put it up for you people to see, it is more in the artistic sense. As they are interchangeable, hence the same category.

Now with this kind of success, defining it becomes a very muddled job. In the academic criteria, not all new findings are appreciated. You found a loophole in some theory or calculation, completely discovered something on your own, it may not be given as much as credit you hoped that it would have got. Your finding must be something applicable for a higher understanding of the subject and you fixing the mistake may just earn you a pat on the back and be forgotten.

Now we enter the real swamp. The artistic success. I am even confused how to approach it but I shall do my best. Well, to be very precise and layman with you, someone may like a certain art, others might dislike it. So you can see the dilemma here when compared to the financial success. There are no certain criteria to define art! You can draw a line on paper and it can still be considered art and you can draw an intricate painting which still may be said to be generic. So success is varied. One method is seeing the net result. More people like, then yay. More people not like, then keep at it. I am not taking reviewers because they are for meeting the standards of a certain group and not the whole majority.

So we defined the two types of successes, now we shall enter the one similarity between the two of them. Rewards and Awards. …Well, that’s two things, hehe ahem. Rewards and awards are the showcases for your achievement. They define your success. Rewards can either be cash price or some gain of a special privilege so that directly goes to financial success. Awards are recognition of a certain notice worthy endeavor so it is related with academics/artistic values.

So if we go by what we just learned then can it be said that if one is good work but is not gaining any awards or prizes, is the person successful? Yes, of course, they are! Cause there was one last factor I did not mention, to build up the suspense, even though you have probably figured them out. Yep, they are fans. Not the ones that hover around us. …Okay, that applies for both too. I mean not the rotating propellers, but the cheering and admiring crowd. They are the ones who have enjoyed your work when others have called it poop. These admirers are the one true success. Money is lost and gained and so are awards shelved as history but having someone who always wished you the best and always supports you is phenomenal.

Even if you have one fan, it still matters! Forget the fame, forget the social media discussions about you, forget the awards, and most of all forget your pride. You cannot just out your back on them. Sure there will be hard times when there will be absolute worse times, but you have to keep on trying because they are not giving up on you. You think they have it easy considering that many may say how insignificant you are yet they refuse this notion entirely without second thought shows how deeply they are connected to you and this trust you must maintain cause this is the pinnacle of a successful person. The person’s lovers.

And even you, who are reading this amateur writer’s blog, thank you for giving it a read. It means a lot and please never give up cause you may be more successful than you can imagine. Thank you. 🙂



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