***Disclaimer: All characters mentioned in this post are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people is just a coincidence.***

“This book by John Casrem shows an intriguing story which many will come to love. However the characters could be called lackluster at best, with convoluted motives and not enough development to call…”

“The music is mediocre at best. The things to standout still was the piano section towards the end which I though could have been more than just a closing remark and the great vocals of Hilary Nipton. Still fans will…”

“I have always been a huge fan of Diana Supper’s style of cinematography and this new movie could really be  a benchmark in the art. The directions, the sudden instances of change of the lighting to convey the mood while still keeping it natural and believable…”

“Outstanding and sublime…”

“Fails to reach the mark set by…”

“An honest attempt, but…”

“A shoddy job…”



“Something for everybody…”

“Something everyone can appreciate…”

We are critics. We give our opinions to a creative work submitted by an artist. Yes, we judge them and assess them their values. We always try to take an objective approach but the end product will always contain some amount of subjectivity. You can say we act as the food tasters for the public. We act as mediators to  a group of people. Said group can be a community, culture, country or even the whole world (emphasis on ‘can be’). Mind the fact that all our opinions are our own yet we are thought as like candidates by people, which is a cause for people to view us as narcissistic, glorified reviewers.

We can get a lot of heat from people and boy, are we subjected to hate so often. There’s even a common saying for us. Those who can’t do, teach. And those who can’t teach, criticize. We are seen as the enemy. As vile evil creatures and demons who will never will be able to understand real art and work and can only be able to slander and libel.

Now, one can say everyone is a critic. But is everyone is a professional one? We have practiced our craft upon years years upon years to reach a state of credibility and power. Being a critic can be a tedious job cause we never let our own personal interests go in the way of analyzing the work of the artist even if our mind finds it boring. We resent such sentiments and keep looking at something with as I phrased earlier, an objective approach and not letting our enjoyment play a factor in our decisions. Ask yourself if you really would sit through a movie or read thousands of pages of work and pinpoint the good and the bad in detail, but did not want to read it at all. Yes, we never let it get in our way.

But being a critic is also a curse. We are sometimes  unable to enjoy a work. Yes we do enjoy work, but we are so focused, so focused on analyzing it that we forget to see it for it really is, a form of recreation. So, we are unable to enjoy it to the extent of what others would experience it. And when we have made a name for ourselves, we can affect somebody’s career. The thought of having power over somebody’s career is enticing in all the wrong ways and there is also the terrible circle of misunderstanding one’s words. Being a critic is not easy in any way. We get paid, sometimes by shattering somebody’s world. We are not soulless cynics who take delight in it. We are human beings, being told to act in the most unbiased way possible. Even to what we think, that must be made worthless to us. And that is impossible.

Because we were to be totally unbiased, we would be machines. Not kidding. We would be metal parts, electricity, and algorithm. Our sense of individuality is what makes us good in our job. A machine can never comprehend art cause it is so changing and volatile. Art is conveyed differently and as a matter of fact there are so many of us. Being a critic is being sentient.

People hate us when we say point out the negative stuff. The positive is positive, so should not the negatives must be focused upon to make the artist even more better? Yet, people don’t understand. And when a person hates a art, one searched to find a critic who has said something negative about it. We are not your therapists and we are not agreeing with you. Those are our views. In order to hate, if you look some kind of confirmations from us, you are a fool.

So yes, we are critics. And we shall say for what is it to us. We won’t flinch to anybody.


4 thoughts on “The Unflinching Critic

  1. When people ask for a constructive criticism or ask someone to read their works and review them, they’re asking for honest opinions and I see no reason for why they should be disappointed with the negative remarks, yet they are. >.>

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