The Art Of The Comical Tragedy

The Art Of The Comical Tragedy

I do not like tragedy very much. I always have tried to avoid sad stories with tragic elements for I grow despondent with life and actually get a depression after the final credits roll for the movie. This feeling of despair and sadness I develop stays for a long long time. I can’t seem to forget the particular movie no matter how hard I try. I don’t necessarily hate the use of tragedy or the idea of tragedy itself. After all, it helps us grow.
But still, I would at least like to wash my socks without dropping my tears all over the place, thank you very much.

But the tragedy is not something even the hardcore fans would appreciate if it didn’t have some form of levity. Something to tell them it was still alright. Hence, there is the genre of tragic comedy or tragicomedy.

It can be said the people from old times would not appreciate their plays to only be able to depress them and lose their faith in humanity. Shakespeare, the heart-breaker, found about it. Thus comedy was integrated into tragedy for the betterment of it. Continue reading “The Art Of The Comical Tragedy”


I Have Grown Up

I Have Grown Up

Well, there is no more to it. I am 19 now. I am old. But I don’t feel old unless I look at somebody younger than me or stare at the name of my institution. I am in college now. And old people go to college. Time seemed to have moved faster than I ever expected. Or maybe it was just me not paying attention. Every day keeps passing and every other day feels the same as if I have been living the same day over and over. I don’t know what I am supposed to look up to when I wake up every day. I wake up to go through what I always have. A monotonous and mundane recurring schedule.

I have hopes and aspirations, yet I don’t feel I am doing enough to achieve them. Everything I do feels little in the scale of things I don’t do. I am bored. Extremely so. I, myself, am the cause of my boredom. I am the one who is haunting me in this world. Continue reading “I Have Grown Up”


I never really thought myself as an angry person. I did keep my calm at many times in my life. People being arrogant, insults, general plain nastiness. I was never angry. I was always in control. Until I found out that it was not anger which I was supposed to be afraid of.
I was supposed to be afraid of frustration. If anger was a short madness, frustration was like a psychotic episode put on a gradually growing cycle. Continue reading “Frustration”

My First Writing Contest

My First Writing Contest

Many of you guys know that my first ever story to have been penned by me was ‘My Closest Stranger’. It was the first ever serious story I had ever written for an online literary magazine and to be honest, it was just a chance that I saw it in an English newspaper in my school’s library. I did not win, sadly and quite cruelly if I may say so, but the contest was something that was something akin to a proper push which pulled me deeper into the pages of this hobby. But my first competition dates back to when I had yet to change schools and was even a few grades back, maybe three or four before doing so. Continue reading “My First Writing Contest”

The Joker In The Hand: Battlefield 1

The Joker In The Hand: Battlefield 1

***The following article contains heavy spoiler for the chapter (War Story) ‘Friends In High Friends’ of Battlefield 1 developed by EA DICE.***

Battlefield is a first-person shooter loosely based on World War I and being it’s over-arching theme. It got a good reception from the gaming community for bringing one of the revolutionizing history back into the spot light.

This piece of writing is not a review but instead is a light analysis on one of it’s chapters of it’s main campaign, the war story called ‘Friends In High Places’. Each war story has a different character to control and also does this war story, a man called Clyde Blackburn. Continue reading “The Joker In The Hand: Battlefield 1”

The Unflinching Critic

The Unflinching Critic

***Disclaimer: All characters mentioned in this post are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people is just a coincidence.***

“This book by John Casrem shows an intriguing story which many will come to love. However the characters could be called lackluster at best, with convoluted motives and not enough development to call…”

“The music is mediocre at best. The things to standout still was the piano section towards the end which I though could have been more than just a closing remark and the great vocals of Hilary Nipton. Still fans will…”

“I have always been a huge fan of Diana Supper’s style of cinematography and this new movie could really be  a benchmark in the art. The directions, the sudden instances of change of the lighting to convey the mood while still keeping it natural and believable…”

“Outstanding and sublime…”

“Fails to reach the mark set by…”

“An honest attempt, but…”

“A shoddy job…”



“Something for everybody…”

“Something everyone can appreciate…”

We are critics. We give our opinions to a creative work submitted by an artist. Yes, we judge them and assess them their values. We always try to take an objective approach but the end product will always contain some amount of subjectivity. You can say we act as the food tasters for the public. Continue reading “The Unflinching Critic”

My Thoughts On Depression

My Thoughts On Depression

***Foreword: The thoughts present on the subject below the post is in regards to clinical depression but they can be used to understand normal depression too.***

Many people who know me on social media, know me for my joking nature and silly antics. I am known to make light of situations to get a smile out of and I am blessed that I have not offended anybody until this day. Yet. But, even there are some subjects that even I dare not take an indifferent and humorous approach, not because of fear of the backlash of the people but because my conscience would berate me forever for it. And I don’t want to hurt the sentiments of anyone going through them by my ignorant behavior.

And today, I am going to talk about a very important topic which I have been newly introduced to but was aware of its existence since I was a child. This specific topic is a state which has been growing in an excessive rate. It is Depression. Continue reading “My Thoughts On Depression”