My Thoughts On Depression

My Thoughts On Depression

***Foreword: The thoughts present on the subject below the post is in regards to clinical depression but they can be used to understand normal depression too.***

Many people who know me on social media, know me for my joking nature and silly antics. I am known to make light of situations to get a smile out of and I am blessed that I have not offended anybody until this day. Yet. But, even there are some subjects that even I dare not take an indifferent and humorous approach, not because of fear of the backlash of the people but because my conscience would berate me forever for it. And I don’t want to hurt the sentiments of anyone going through them by my ignorant behavior.

And today, I am going to talk about a very important topic which I have been newly introduced to but was aware of it’s existence since I was a child. This specific topic is a state which has been growing in a excessive rate. It is Depression.

At the start, I thought depression was a feeling of lethargy and sadness and I was not completely wrong. But now, as I grew up and got introduced to different people from different places and my own research on the subject, I found that until now, I was unable to comprehend the degree of how it was affecting and having an impact on the lives of the population including some of my friends.

This blog of mine just gives my thoughts upon it so it won’t contain any technical information on it. I will introduce links where you can read upon it at the end of the blog. I may be found guilty of being biased and hypocritical stating the case that I have never felt depression myself so making me unable to sympathize with the ones in this state. I do not know the full aspect of depression but I do know sadness and melancholy. Being a loner is a kind if state in itself.

Depression is sadness. That is the basic understanding, in layman’s terms. But seriously, it is just the tip of the iceberg. I have found that that  depressed people go through social anxiety, guilt, losing interest, low self-esteem short attention span and being unsure about their decisions. Sometimes depression can also lead to suicidal thoughts.

You can say that depression can be controlled by anti-depressants and therapy sessions. But those methods should only be utilized if no other method seems to be working. So before you diagnose someone of having depression, and advising them drugs and therapy, please think of the simple old ways.

First of all, talk about it. Many a times, it is easy to perceive if a person is depressed or not. There are various observations which indicate it. But some people wear a facade in order to hide it. Both boys and girls do it but boys seem to hide it more and as a result suffer more. They may not want to trouble their friends and family or are just afraid of be found out. Now, I know how the world can be quite a judgmental place, but it is choosing the bigger of the two evils. If you keep hiding it, it will just keep on accumulating and pool over one day.

According to me, the best way to help people is keep them company. When they know that somebody is listening to makes them feel better. But, you must know how to treat them right. Suppose, when you meet a person, you stand at a distance and greet them. If you are too close, then you will be stepping on their comfort zone. If you stay too back, the communication will be weak. The same scenario applies for in this situation. Depressed people have their own distance which we should respect and try to find where they would be fully comfortable when talking to us.

The actual conversation. When you talk to a person going through depression, you can find the conversation can be one-sided. The person may not be able to understand the question, answer offhandedly, ask to repeat, etc. It is not because they are unintelligent or bored(still it can be they are bored) but because they are unsure as I mentioned above. For depressed people, social interactions can be hard. They may not be able to reciprocate the enthusiasm the other one possesses and may feel inadequate in contributing to the conversation or activity. They can also shut themselves off completely, if the other one keeps prodding and prodding. So to all the ones trying to talk to them, be humble and patient. They need time. Answer their questions. Tell them it is okay if you have to repeat what you said and that you don’t mind. You cannot just demand they talk with you on their own level. That is selfish. And such actions do more harm than good.

Last of all, it all depends upon the person if he/she wants to get out the blues. It is difficult, depression clings to you like an addiction, you start to adapt to it which is harmful. Some go through it all their lives. There is no cure but does not mean there is no hope. You cannot let it dictate your life, and your identity. Especially, never define yourself with it. It is not a characteristic of you. Define yourself with something you derive joy an hold on to it.

Thank you for reading.

For technical information regarding depression, please refer to the following links:

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Defining Success

Defining Success

Everybody wants to become big in life. Success is one of the main motivation for enjoying life. Basically, when we reach a certain checkpoint of our career or work, we deem it as a success. People associate different concepts while defining how much successful they have become. We can define success in two different categories albeit in a very rough and rigid sense. Therefore I have not considered sports success, cause I did not want it to look more, but look smart. Spare this indiscretion, dear readers!

Let us look look at it, one by one.

The first one is Financial Success. In this type, the measure of the success a person has is defined by how much money and monetizable property he/she possesses. This is the most simplistic success yet is quite accepted all around. It is straight. If you have lots of money, you are successful, there are no ifs and buts, if no foul play is done while earning them. Nobody can deny your achievement, and one cannot criticize your money.

Moving on the second type of success is Artistic/Academic Success. Now for this kind of success, there is no hard and fast rule. I could have put these two apart in two sub categories, but they are similar enough to placed under a single one. Just for clearance, artistic refers to stories, paintings, music, poems, etc made with no direct connection to education and for enjoyment whereas academic refers to essays, reports, findings and discoveries (rediscoveries), thesis, etc for studies. For example this post could be seen as an educational essay if I had submitted it to an institution but as I have put it up for you people to see, it is more in the artistic sense. As they are interchangeable, hence the same category.

Now with this kind of success, defining it becomes a very muddled job. In the academic criteria, not all new findings are appreciated. You found a loophole in some theory or calculation, completely discovered something on your own, it may not be given as much as credit you hoped that it would have got. Your finding must be something applicable for higher understanding of the subject and you fixing the mistake may just earn you a pat on the back and be forgotten.

Now we enter the real swamp. The artistic success. I am even confused how to approach it but I shall do my best. Well, to be very precise and layman with you, someone may like a certain art, others might dislike it. So you can see the dilemma here when compared to the financial success. There is no certain criteria to define art! You can draw a line on paper and it can still be considered art and you can draw an intricate painting which still may be said to be generic. So success is varied. One method is seeing the net result. More people like, then yay. More people not like, then keep at it. I am not taking reviewers because they are for meeting the standards of a certain group and not the whole majority.

So we defined the two types of successes, now we shall enter the one similarity between the two of them. Rewards and Awards. …Well, that’s two things, hehe ahem. Rewards and awards are the showcase for your achievement. They define your success. Rewards can either be cash price or some gain of a special privilege so that directly goes to financial success. Awards are recognition of a certain notice worthy endeavor so it is related with academics/artistic values.

So if we go by what we just learned then can it be said that if one is good work but is not gaining any awards or prizes, is the person successful? Yes, of course they are! Cause there was one last factor I did not mention, to build up the suspense, even though you have probably figured them out. Yep, they are fans. Not the ones that hover around us. …Okay that applies for both too. I mean not the rotating propellers, but the cheering and admiring crowd. They are the ones who have enjoyed your work when others have called it poop. These admirers are the one true success. Money is lost and gained and so are awards shelved as history but having someone who always wished you the best and always supports you is phenomenal.

Even if you have one fan, it still matters! Forget the fame, forget the social media discussions about you, forget the awards, and most of all forget your pride. You cannot just out your back on them. Sure there will be hard times, when there will be absolute worse times, but you have to keep on trying because they are not giving up on you. You think they have it easy considering that many may say how insignificant you are yet they refuse this notion entirely without second thought shoes how deeply they are connected to you and this trust you must maintain cause this is the pinnacle of a successful person. The person’s lovers.

And even you, who are reading this amateur writer’s blog, thank you for giving it a read. It means a lot and please never give up cause you may be more successful than you can imagine. Thank you. 🙂


There Exists A God And Is Cheeky

There Exists A God And Is Cheeky

From centuries old and even more centuries back, the concept of God was quite profound. The existence of an all powerful being capable of omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence seems a great way to believe in something bigger than us, looking at us, protecting us from… us. But as our understanding of the nature of the universe increases, so does our skepticism of the existence of such a being.

There are different theories of how life came on earth and how it is all due to nature. We have the Big Bang Theory, Darwinism, Kepler’s Planetary Motions, Newton’s Theory of Gravitation, Einstein’s Mass-Energy equivalence, a small handful of remarkable insights of how we look at the world in general. And citing these reasons, atheists give a reason to make claims on the idiocy of religions and their insufferable followers.

Well if that so, what is science? It is nature. What is nature? Nature is god. So if we apply a basic simple theorem provided by Euclid about if A is equal to B, B being equal to C, then A equals C, we get that Science is God or God is Science, whichever floats your boat. It is so simple, so elegant an explanation that God is a scientist. God is all-powerful because God understands nature completely. Still we say, Christianity is the true religion, Hinduism is the true religion, Islam is the best, Buddhism… well, honestly speaking, Buddhists tend to not get in debates about the validity of their religion. And no, I am Hindu before you think I am being biased. I just find them friendly fellows.

Well, these debates are worse as cancer. How in the world are you going to win an argument based on an incredibly secret being who finds it interesting to create different religions? Now, the ones reading this (I really don’t have much readers… oh well) will say that humans created religions, they created multiple rifts among themselves, and yes that is absolutely true. But as the practitioners have said that each their religion is based on the sayings and teachings of God herself. And her because I have a theory on why God is a lady. So if we take that statement as true as the boredom suffered by you reading this then, God is cheeky!

She went first to one place and said I said ‘Let there be light and there was light’ and went to another and said I once was a single ocean of consciousness streaming in all directions, another place: I have no face, another place: I have multiple arms, another place: I am old, another place: I am young, another place: I also have a father myself, another place: everything came from me, and another and another, and another, and another until God had thousands and millions of followers in her midst, calling her Allah, Jehovah, and billions of named in Hinduism only. I have to give it to her that she is a creative person.

But now is the question why would God create this many religions? Cause she was bored? You know that may be the best answer of all. But she did not mean to do any harm. God is a scientist and she creates things and it depends on us how we use the knowledge we gained. According to me, God created religions in order to make the world a colorful place. People having different thoughts, different values, it would a great experience to her to see all the wonderful interactions of the people. …Well, we showed her how we did it. I don’t need to say anymore on this.

While our religion was supposed to be our guide, our gift, we made it our slave, our possession, corrupting it and adding to it to fulfill our own selfish desires. Rewriting an original testament, or a holy book, secretly putting truly horrifying rubbish like how God wanted his follower to murder people, to convert those who didn’t follow his religion, to have an adulterer stoned to death, and commit horrifying acts in the name of God. Twisting and turning every single sentence to fit their standard, God has been blasphemed by her own followers.

But it based on the fact that religion is based on God’s words. People may have already started this to further their agenda. God is a scientist, and is said to have created us in her own image. Even she has emotions. She is curious, she can get angry, be happy, be brooding and bored, and even lazy. We still have our useless appendix, God. the only difference is that she is wiser than us and has a patience, so divine literally, that we should be humbled.

So God if your are reading this, can you not let the sun come out at the exact time, I go for my driving classes. I have noticed a pattern here and I know you are trying to trick me. I know it. You must be laughing on the floor seeing this article. Well, just let me drive without having a sweat-bath. I hope you enjoyed reading this and as well as you reader. Yes, I am talking to you. Thank you. And Thank You, God. Love you truly.

Plagiarism Vs Inspired Work

Plagiarism Vs Inspired Work

We have always had that passive fear of our work being stolen by somebody. No matter if you were a researcher, musician, an artist or a writer. Sooner or later in your lifetime, you will come across this act. As a writer, I too battle constantly with this sense of protecting my ideas and content with an iron fist. But still, I would be lying if my idea is totally original but the work you do will be inspired by something that had already been done by someone else. So, does everyone is guilty of stealing from somebody’s hard worked content? Well, it is not that easily defined.

First of all, we have to know what Plagiarism is about. According to Wikipedia:

Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work. The idea remains problematic with unclear definitions and unclear rules.

One thing we have to keep in mind, as stated above, is that it is problematic. If plagiarism is the theft of one’s ideas then, we call say all say that every content is plagiarized as it must and will contain something which will match the language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions to some degree of similarity. So logically, the whole thing is totally subjective.

Whether it be art or science, we are only pointing out what is already there. Plagiarism really refers to who was the one to point that out and who stole that idea and said she/she looked for it and found it. It is basically ‘first come, first served’. If you publish your work first, you will get the credit for it. If somebody else submits a work similar to yours, then they will become it’s founders. That is just the way, this will work.

To cite an example: Take the classical Leibniz–Newton calculus controversy between French Mathematician Gottfried Leibniz and English Scientist Issac Newton over the rights of being the inventor of the Calculus method. To put in mind, their invention of the method is to seen more as a discovery than creation of something original. They both worked separately and independently on Calculus and sadly, published their findings at different dates. These caused a huge scandal over the ownership of the method which still in obscurity till this present day. If you want more information on this, please refer to the link below:–Newton_calculus_controversy

Basically, both were given credit for it but, Issac Newton got more credit in a personal value. If the facts are taken straight as they are, both are innocent of plagiarism. They did not claim another’s work as theirs, they calamine their work as their own. But, both work were so similar, that looking at it in an different way, only one was to be given the ‘deserved’ credit and the other one to say, ‘I borrowed it from him’. And that is just heart-breaking. To work on a idea so long and so true and to say at last, “No, I borrowed it from this and that source.” is the most disappointing of one’s life.

You may now think that it is just about the science field of logic and certainty and that it really holds little basic ground in arts where the plagiarism is seen in downright amoral stealing and not some who-did-it first basis. But that thought is wrong too.

We, as artists: writers, poets, singers, musicians, composers, are inspired by others to start our own artistic endeavors. This is which where we say we are inspired by others and most of us are humble enough to give credit to these people. Let us focus on one type of profession. Writing. There is a thing we are guilty of performing, even I am not innocent, and that is ‘subconscious imitation’. When we read a good story, our mind stores the story’s plot, way of writing and structure for later reference. When we write our own story, we will somehow put what we have read in what we are writing without even our own notice. This is a real phenomenon. It may be subtle as one or two sentences, jokes and quotes, to as large as similar characters and plot arcs and the thing is we think we are making it ourselves. Even proof reading through the whole draft will not jog our memory. A similar occurrence happened to the author Helen Keller (eleven years old) when the short story she had published ‘The Frost King’ had been compared to the story ‘Frost Fairies’ from the book Birdie and His Fairy Friends. Miss. Helen was accused of plagiarism and fraud. She claimed that she had never read The Frost Fairies but, her substitute mentor Sophia Hopkins had read it to her through finger-spelling. Miss. Helen still denied about hearing the story

Non the less, ‘subconscious imitation’ seems to be the most logical way of taking this problem. Miss. Helen, still a child, heard the story during bedtimes and forgot all about it. But her subconscious mind retained the information and it betrayed her into thinking she was writing a new story. Even so, accusing a child of fraud and plagiarism is the most offensive thing ever omitted. Miss. Helen, never wrote fiction after this traumatizing event, even though the original author of The Frost Fairies, Margaret Canby called Helen’s work superior to her’s. Mark Twain commented on the scandal as “owlishly idiotic and grotesque”.

It is true that some of us love and adore an art form so much that we try to imitate it. As said, ‘imitation is the highest form of flattery’. I can write about this subject on and on and it will keeping twisting and turning. Personally speaking, if somebody was to take some elements of my story, without my permission, or his noticing of the fact that they had taken it and make it something amazing then, I would approve. I would certainly would be envious of them, but I would approve their act.

Basically, to all the budding artists and ripe literary geniuses out there, I want to request you to be patient and be gentle. We all want our work to be acknowledged. We all want to make sure our work brings others the same satisfaction we had writing it. Sometimes, we do get carried away in our goals. So either you are plagiarizer or a plagiarized one, both of us are victims in one way or another. We are victims of pure connection to each other. So please be gentle.

Letter to the Newbie

Letter to the Newbie

A very amazing piece of writing.


Dear fellow human,

Sometimes I wish I could blurt out whatever I hold back. To tell something I truly feel is an arduous task because I can’t help but ponder about all the consequences it could lead to. It seems like a chance I clearly don’t want to risk. What will happen if I say this? Will they be vexed? Will they just shake their heads and think how incredibly ridiculous I am? It’s hard not to over think in cases I don’t want to mar.

In the end, it only leads to infuriating me because all the things that I have crammed within my head start boiling to escape from this rotten cauldron. It only ends up making me regret the things I never did which  makes my World imbibe a darker shade of grey. It’s sad and bitterly pathetic. Why should I stand back and watch the show…

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Are your parents your friends?

Are your parents your friends?

Your parents are the most important people in your life. They all have done so much for you. You have been fed first, your small feet have never touched the dirtied ground, you have always been given most attention of anybody.

But, can you really call your friends your friends? Well you can’t. It does not imply that your love for your parents is faulty or vice-versa. You see, a relationship of a parent and a child is a lot more complex than it seems like.

I have always felt up until now that parents are always trying to teach us no matter how old we get. Some are quite insightful, but some can be pretty annoying or downright wrong. Not to be hasty, they are doing this thinking that it is best for us. So, you can’t really judge them for being wrong sometimes.

And now, here in this dynamic, we can really breakdown if parents are really our friends. by cite a very recent experience in my life.

My mother and I have been very close throughout my life. I have always been quite a loner and so found a common and much needed support in her. Few days ago, she restarted her scooter lessons originally helped by my father but this time with me as the instructor. Well, it did not worked out quite well. She rarely could make sense of my instructions and I tried to be as much as patient. When I first tried to learn a scooter, I was a shaking mess so, I understood her fears.The first day bore little fruit. We tried again the second day, it was a little better but, she still didn’t followed my instructions well. I still felt that she learned a little better. But on the third day, my father went with us to instruct her. I stood on the sidelines and found her to be doing impressively well. She listened to all of dad’s instructions which were basically the same ones my dad had told me when he thought me riding.

I was amazed to say the least. At home, when I asked her why she could not do the same things I had told her one the first and second day, the conversation I had with her made me believe that it was all related to trust.

Not a lack of trust for me or a higher trust for my more knowledgeable, more smart, more experienced dad but it was a difference in the type of trust we shared. The truth was that for my mom, she could never see me as an equal to her. For her, I was her son and so I could never truly teach her. It was not an absence of respect, it was a mountain of love for me that hindered her from learning from me. But such hindrances vanished when my dad taught her.

So for me, we can never be friends but that’s okay. We can be the best mother-son partners!